I enjoy going to CrossFit, and I talk about how great you guys are. The coaches are great and I like the fact that they give us 1 on 1 feedback on how we can perfect our skills. My kids love going to the gym. I am very grateful that I can bring them with me—they love it there. You guys are awesome!!! - Carey W.

When I first started at CrossFit Lineage, I was already a runner but had no real upper body strength. Since I started almost a year ago, there has been a real change in my upper body strength and my confidence at being able to do the WODs. I love the coaches and the personal attention that they have given me, and I do appreciate their encouragement for every improvement, no matter how small. Thank you guys so much for being there for me. - Connie F.

When I first decided to attend fundamentals at CrossFit Lineage, I was so nervous I almost cried! I had never set foot in a gym before and not so much as thought about weightlifting. I'd hear about the workouts people would do there and think, "There's no way I'd be able to do that!" I had met a few people from watching Lineage events previously, and immediately felt welcomed when I arrived for my first day. Even when people on either side of me were doing heavier lifts and harder skills, the coaches and the members alike all cheered me on and celebrated my successes with me. I originally went in worrying, "I'm going to be so much weaker and less fit than everyone else," and within weeks realized it doesn't matter, that as long as you're there, no one is judging you (unless you need a judge for a competition!) I've been going to CrossFit Lineage for more than a year now, and I'm blown away by the things my body is able to do. I don't consider myself a competitive athlete; I just enjoy the highs of showing up, trying hard and realizing I'm doing better than last month. The attitude, principles and spirit behind CrossFit were the perfect fit for getting me into my physical fitness and keeping me there. Now I look forward to welcoming and cheering on wide-eyed new faces thinking the same thing I did: "There's no way!" But there is . . . with CrossFit Lineage. (Oh man, how corny am I? It's true!) - Larissa H.

Being a new mom with a full-time job didn’t leave me time to exercise. CrossFit attracted me by its short work outs that were planned by somebody else. I don’t like to be bored, and my previous experiences with getting into shape were slow and unexciting. CrossFit seemed perfect! Sure, the work outs sounded extreme at the beginning; but with time I started to love the challenge. After a couple of months I started to watch my diet, and in another two months I was 15 pounds lighter and four sizes smaller. I even started running because it was easy! Six months after starting CrossFit, I completed my first sprint triathlon; and now it’s almost a year! I am a proud CrossFitter. I recommend CrossFit to everyone. - Kate M.

I joined CrossFit Lineage in October 2009, starting with the fundamentals course. In a nutshell – it’s life-changing and addicting, so CrossFit continues on. At the time, I had been doing various activities but needed something different and more challenging. I definitely found it. It’s crazy and it’s hard work, but it’s fun. There are days you may get your butt kicked by the workouts, but it’s about becoming a better, stronger individual and athlete. It’s about pushing yourself further and harder to do what you did not think you could achieve – results are always improving, and it’s always a good day when you reach a higher personal record. CrossFit Lineage is an awesome place to work out, with encouraging and supportive trainers who keep you accountable and motivated. It’s a friendly and relaxed environment to be a part of. I recommend it to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. A personal big thanks to CrossFit Lineage! - Susan C.

Health and fitness had always been a part of my life, but I was starting to feel like I had reached a plateau and couldn't make any gains. I was looking for a way to shake up my workouts and, most importantly, see results. That's when I joined CrossFit Lineage in December 2009. I started off with the fundamentals program, which was very educational and informative. The coaches were extremely encouraging and they helped me learn more about my body in those four weeks than I had in all the years of working out leading up to CrossFit. Once I completed the fundamentals program, the real fun began. CrossFit Lineage's group classes push you to limits that you never thought you could reach. I love the intensity and the constant encouragement from the coaches and the other participants. The motivation of the group that comes from the healthy competition is something that cannot be achieved while working out alone. In the six months I have been involved in CrossFit, I have achieved more personal gains in both my strength and my endurance than I ever had before. When I started, I couldn't do one pull-up. Now after just six months, I can do 10. There is no better feeling than finishing a workout, having achieved something you never had been able to do before. Going for my workout at CrossFit Lineage quickly became my favourite part of the day. I would 100% still be working out there had I not moved out of Alberta. I cannot say enough good things about this place – the coaches/owners and all the awesome participants and friends I made while I worked out there. Keep up the good work, guys!!!! - Megan A.

Wow, what can I say? I first heard about CrossFit from a co-worker. She told me about her first few sessions: she was 50+ and out of shape. I figured if she could do that sort of workout, so could I. I did some investigating and found CrossFit Lineage. I hadn't worked out in years. I was hesitant to start, but after meeting with the staff at CrossFit Lineage, I knew I had found a friendly environment to get myself moving again. I'd suffered with a previously torn rotator cuff, torn ligaments and cartilage in my wrist, an old broken ankle…all acquired while I had participated in volleyball, fastball and basketball. Then, over the last few years I had sat back, put on weight and slowly physically deteriorated. I started CrossFit in April and now feel alive. I know I've lost weight; but even better, I am getting into shape. I'm building muscle and increasing my flexibility, and at my age, these things are so important. It's taking a little longer than I thought to get over the old injuries, but I am seeing daily improvements. In about an hour a day, I get a complete workout. Each day is challenging and never boring. Despite there being a great span in the skill levels of my fellow participants, there are no egos. Instead, there's an atmosphere of support and encouragement. Thank you, CrossFit Lineage. - Sylvia

A prominent historical figure once asked: "If the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?" Not long ago I found myself asking myself the same question about my workout routine. I was tired of doing the same old thing, week in and week out, anonymously sitting at some ridiculous weight machine or running on a treadmill, surrounded by other anonymous people doing the same, not achieving anything. What do you do when what you're currently doing doesn't work any more? The aforementioned fellow’s answer to his own question: "It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out." So I did that with my workout routine. I abandoned it completely and joined CrossFit Lineage. The people at CrossFit Lineage know and support each other and challenge each other to be better. The workouts are always exciting; instead of dreading the next trip to the gym, it's now the highlight of my day. Plus, while I can't prove this, I'm sure that working out at CrossFit Lineage has made me more charming and attractive to the ladies! If you want a great workout and to be a part of a great community, come to CrossFit Lineage! - Marlin

I joined CrossFit Lineage as I had hit a plateau in my regular workouts. CrossFit Lineage has increased my motivation with the variety and team experience during the workouts. Each workout brings something new to strive for and the group WODs provide motivation and a challenge. I have seen more improvements in stamina and strength in the past few months with CrossFit than I had accomplished in six months during my previous workout routines. - Rachel

CrossFit was first introduced to me during my rehabilitation after I was hit by a suicide driver in Afghanistan. I've had the opportunity to take my level one with SEALs and Marines, only to lose interest due to poor coaching in the Reg force. However, I was introduced to CrossFit by a colleague in the Military. I wanted to be pushed outside of my comfort level. And boy, was I! CrossFit allows me to battle myself in a real-time workout and all-out personal ass-kicking that I can apply to my work in the military or in my new field of law enforcement. I’d rather be dead after a workout in the gym than dead on the battlefield. Now, let’s do some burpies! - Ash

To date, I’ve served with the Canadian Forces for about five years. Since being posted to Edmonton in early 2007, I was introduced to CrossFit through the military. All my life I have been involved in all different types of physical fitness, but CrossFit has taken my fitness to a whole new level. It's not only functional for the work we do in the Army, but in my everyday life, as well. CrossFit Lineage has pushed me to reach new goals, and it challenges me every time I step inside the gym. CrossFit Lineage has forever changed the way I look at programming and will continue to influence the way I train. - Chris B.

Crossfit Lineage has made me re-examine my definition of impossible. The feeling I get when I pull off a move or lift a weight that was impossible last month is thrilling. - Scott T.

I started at Crossfit Lineage just as something to do to stay active through the winter. One of my friends was doing it and it sounded fun. By the time I was done the fundamentals class I was hooked. I had come to enjoy the challenge of crossfit and constantly doing more that I had previously thought I was capable of. Crossfit has helped me reach the highest level of fitness I have ever achieved and I'll enjoy continuing to push to do more than I thought was possible for me. - Clynt

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